Project Aims

Principal Aim

Identification of Conservation priorities for plants within the Cerrado Biome in Eastern Bolivia

Specific objectives

  1. A report to be made available to the Bolivian government (through the office of the Director General of Biodiversity), Departmental authorities (through the office for the Conservation of Biodiversity in the Prefectura of Santa Cruz), local authorities, including municipalities and community leaders, and non government organizations involved in the conservation of the biodiversity of the region, especially the Foundation for the Conservation of the Chiquitano Dry Forest. This report would detail priorities for conservation providing a list of hotspots for conservation, an inventory of plants from the region with their provisional conservation status, an evaluation of the role of the mesetas as refuges for endangered plants and an evaluation of the effects of grazing.

  2. The production of an illustrated Red Data book on the endemic, threatened and rare species of the area.

  3. Production of brochures and educational posters on the plants and vegetation of the region for public information and as a resource for education and tourism.

  4. Production of scientific papers on the plants and vegetation of the cerrados.

  5. Enhanced capacity of Bolivian institutions to carry out botanical studies, biodiversity research and taxonomic studies through training, scholarships anmd the presentation of equipment, literature etc.