Important rediscoveries

The Project has rediscovered several plants that have been lost for many years. Mimosa orbignyana was found by Alcides D’Orbigny in 1832 but was never seen again until found by the project in the Serranía de Huanchaca in 2010.D’Orbigny also found Eugenia cydoniifolia in the same year but this was never seen again until the project found it in two sites in Lomerio in 2009.  Other important rediscoveries were that of Casselia rosularis found on the Serrania of Huanchaca after a gap of 25 years and that of Basistemon pulchellus, which had previously been known only from a 19th century record from Mato Grosso and another from Bolivia in the 1930s before its discovery by the project in 2008. However the most interesting rediscovery by the project was that of Steinbachiella leptoclada in 2009. Not only was this the first record of this species since 1926, but it also served to reinstate the genus Steinbachiella, which had been suppressed because of lack of exact information about its fruit in later years.