Species new to Science

We estimate that we have discovered 40-50 new species and it is hoped that these will be published during the next two or three years. The following is a provisional list of these species by family:

  • Acanthaceae: Stenandrium(one species)
  • Asteraceae: Calea (one species), Ichthyothere (one species), Mikania (one species), Vernonia (two species).
  • Convolvulaceae: Ipomoea (at least two species), Jacquemontia (at least two species)
  • Eriocaulaceae: Syngonanthus (one species)
  • Euphorbiaceae: Manihot (seven species).
  • Iridaceae; Cypella (one species)
  • Lamiaceae: Hyptis (four species)
  • Leguminosae: Mimosa (at least four species), Arachis (two species), Poecilanthe (one species). Lutzelbergia (one species
  • Malvaceae: Pavonia (two species), Sida (two species)
  • Melastomataceae: Lavoisiera (one species), Tibouchina (three species)
  • Myrtaceae: Eugenia (three species), Myrcia (two species), Psidium (one species)
  • Plantaginaceae: Plantago (one species)
  • Poaceae: Eragrostis (one species) Eriochrysis (one species), Paspalum (two species), Schizachyium (one species), Steinchisma (one species).
  • Rubiaceae: Borreria (two species)